Evercrete Top Seal (TS)
Evercrete TS is clear non-glossy one coat application water repellent that has the ability to extend the lifetime of concrete, natural stone such as sandstone or marble, paving, bricks and wood. Evercrete TS protects against the elements they are subjected to on a daily basis. Rain, salts, oils and chemicals all wear down the integrity of these surfaces over years leading to unsightly stains from mold, algae and gradual decay. Evercrete TS is a non-toxic, one coat application that completely seals and waterproofs a variety of surfaces. Evercrete TS should not alter the color, texture, orany other physical characteristic of the surface to which it is applied, leaving a clear natural finish that will completely repel water, seal and waterproof the surface.
Where can it be used?
  Evercrete TS has a variety of recommended uses such as sealing of concrete and cementitious surfaces, as a decorative architectural finish, sealing of brick and block work, natural stone such as granite, marble and sandstone or even wood. Evercrete TS can also be used in residental applications such as bathrooms, patios, decks, driveways, pathway and walls. Evercrete TS is excellent as an added layer of protection over Evercrete DPS or Evercrete EW applications. Consult your supplier for more information
Advantages of Evercrete TS
Water-based and non-toxic
Only one coat required
Leaves a clear, natural finish
Will not alter color, texture or any other physical characteristics of the surface
Surface that have been treated can be cleaned by water
UV resistant
VOC less than ONE
Reduce efflorescence
Reduce algae or mold growth
Prevents water staining on stone cladding and paving
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