Evercrete Flexible Modified Cementitious (FMC)
Evercrete FMC is a two-component latex modified cementitious coating, which can be simply achieved by mixing a pre-packed dry-mixing powder with a formulated flexible latex admixture, and subsequent brushing the slurry on various substrates. It protects a wide range of buildings and structural concrete components with excellent resistance to water, aggressive chemicals, long-term weathering and scratching. It is applicable for those structures subjected to long-term water immersion.
How Does it Work?
  Evercrete FMC is a premium quality 2 pack pre-mixed mortar consisting of special cements, graded fillers, hydrophobic agents, high quality polymers emulsion and chemical additives. When the powder part is mixed with the emulsion part, it readily blends to produce a flexible slurry coat for outdoor and indoor applications for waterproofing of both structural and architectural elements. It maintains good bonding to all cementitious based substrates or brickwork. It can be applied onto damp-proof performance. It is compatible with most of the coverings to be applied over it and, if required, can be overcoated to build up thicker layers.
Where can it be used?
  Evercrete FMC is specially formulated for applications as water seals to surfaces of all kinds of building elements that requires damp-proof or waterproof. Typical applications are locations that will be susceptible to movement such as roofs, podiums and balconies, etc. Evercrete FMC is free from casein, ammonia and harmful solvents thus it is particularly suitable for use in smell sensitivite locations and areas with limited ventilation.
Advantages of Evercrete FMC
Simple and easy to apply
Vapour permeable (breathable)
Non-toxic and environmental friendly
Can be applied on the damp surfaces
Excellent adhesion to substrates
Excellent flexibility
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