Evercrete Deep Clean (DC)
Evercrete DC is environmental friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaner. Evercrete DC system may be used full strength as an environmental alternative to muriatic and other acids for surface preparation and basic cleaning. Architectural surfaces are enhanced by removing the gradual build-up of atmospheric grime.

Evercrete DC system is a multi-purpose concrete/stone/wood cleaner that is designed to clean and "etch" the surface simultaneously. The primary use is to remove deeply penetrated oil stains and contaminated surface residue.
Specification 250 / 500
MSDS 250 / 500
Where can it be used?
  Evercrete DC has a variety of application domestically and commercially. It can be used to clean masonry, concrete floor, driveways, stamped concrete, garages, stone, tiles, engines and wood. It's been used to clean surface in a variety of sectors including gas stations, food service firms, kitchens, auto repair shops, trucking companies, public-pools and parking stations.
Advantages of Evercrete DC
Water-based and non-toxic
Alkaline-based cleaner which will not affecting the natural pH value of the structures
Remove dirts / oil inside the structures
Remove Efflorences
Increase the alkilinity for the old concrete
VOC less than ONE
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