Commercial Building
Beijing CCTV Tower
The CCTV Tower, the new headquarters of the national broadcaster, stands at a height of 230 meters with a floor area of about 400,000 square meters. It combines the administration department with news, broadcasting, studios and program production -- the entire process of making TV programs through a sequence of interconnected activities. Although the building is 230 meters tall, the CCTV Tower it is not a traditional tower but a visual and structural harmony of both horizontal and vertical aspects which establish an urban site rather than just merely point to the sky. The irregular grid on the building¡¦s facades is an expression of the forces traveling throughout its structure.
Why use Evercrete?
The CCTV Tower is the landmark of broadcasting industry of China. Therefore, it needs a materials that meet the highest industry standards be used. After undergoing numerous strict testing and trial processes, Evercrete DPS was selected as the waterproofing material on the concrete wall behind the cladding.
Commercial Building Projects
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